Thermikmesse 2018 – Talks on Youtube


All the talks of the paragliding fair “Thermikmesse” are now online for 2018.
Due to the fact that everything is in German, I just give a link to the german blogpost here.


Xalps in 530 days: Winter Hike’n’Fly with amazing photos


You are lucky if you land next to a photographer.
The Swiss’ flatlands are usually covered by a think layer of fog during the winter. Then it’s time to check some skiing areas’ webcams. And if it’s sunny up there, then go for a hike above the clouds.

Last Sunday was one of these days. Mt. Rotenflue (1571m) in middle of the Mythen region / Central Switzerland was my destination for a small hike’n’fly tour. The flight was quite short, because I wouldn’t want to dive inside the thick layer of clouds. So I landed next to a ski slope – and next to a hobby photographer, who took some amazing photos. Enjoy them!

Photo by Ivo Räber.

Photo by Ivo Räber.

Photo by Ivo Räber.

Photo by Ivo Räber.

Photo by A. Holler.

Photo by A. Holler.

Photo by A. Holler.

Xalps in 531 days: Thermik Messe 2018

On Saturday, Jan. 13th 2018, I visited one of the biggest fairs for paragliding pilots “Thermik-Messe 2018“. A good possibility to test new equipment.


  • ⛔️ A big traffic jam of more than 1 hour.
  • ⛔️  Some manufacturers only show a limited range of products. I would have been interested in ultralight rucksacks from Advance or GIN for example.


  • ✅ Test of leightweight-rucksack Supair Trek-Light 350g
  • ✅ Test of leightweight-rucksack Skywalk HIKE X-ALPS Backpack
  • ✅  Test of leightweight-harness Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS2
  • ✅  Test of leightweight-harness Supair STRIKE
  • ✅  Many good conversations
  • ✅ Public presentations, especially Chrigel Maurer‘s ones.

Chrigel Maurer (l.) is a talented speaker who’s experiences is pure gold. I truly recommend his presentations. 

I’m not the only listener – He had a big big audience.  

Here I’m sitting in Supair’s STRIKE which is almost to short for my 1.93m. But it is still comfortable. A solid harness of the 2kg class.