Safe Battery life on iOS 11

Many paragliding pilots use their iPhones as flight instruments. I’m using “Freeflight” and noticed that since the update to iOS 11 I’ve got serious problems with heavy battery drain during the flights.

Here is a bunch of tips to safe an iOS 11 iPhone’s battery life.

  1. Update your apps
    Heavy battery drain is sometimes caused directly by only some apps. A newer version of an app could fix it.
  2. Turn off “Raise to wake”
    Settings > Display & Brightness > “Raise to wake”
  3. Restart your iPhone
    Troubleshooting tip No 1.
  4. Remove widgets from lockscreen
  5. Turn off “Background app refresh”
    Settings > General > “Background app refresh”
  6. Deactivate Location services for apps
    Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  7. Turn on “Reduce Motion”
    Settings > General > Accessibility > “Reduce Motion”
  8. Turn on “Low power mode”
    Settings > Battery > “Low power mode”
  9. Turn on “Airplane mode” on places with poor reception
    Settings > “Airplane mode”
  10. Deactivate “WLAN”
    Settings > “WLAN”
  11. Deactivate “Bluetooth”
    Settings > “Bluetooth”

Main source and more detailed information here: