– a smart tool for route planning in winter (for Switzerland only)

The day before yesterday I had a entertaining and informative evening in Seon/CH.
Mammut Alpine School invited to their “Workshop Skitourenguru” to Mammut’s Outlet-Store.
Günter Schmudlach, creator and developer, was the speaker and talked about:

  • Planning ski tours in general
  • Practical exercise
  • detailed information about

Overall it was an excellent evening.

What is the value for Hike’n’Fly? is a tool for every Hike and Fly Pilot who’s not hibernating, but also exercises during the winter season.
It combines the information of Lawinenbulletin and topographical maps, which is also useful for winter hiking and snowshoeing.

What can you do to improve
Help by sending the GPS track (or two GPS tracks: one for ascent, one for descent) of your next tour to Günter Schmudlach. See contact here

BIG THANKS to the Mammut Alpine School and Günter Schmudlach!!


Xalps in 544 days: ONE goal? MANY goals!

The last blog post was about my goal – the main goal of the project xalps in 555 days.

I took my time and studied a while what exactly my objecitve is and how I would formulate it.

Objectives should be… (SMART criteria).

S Specific
eg: “The world should become a better place.” is not specific. “good” allows differing interpetations.
“…to stay in the 2019 edition of redbull x-alps.
Still any questions?
M Measurable (1) by taking part as an athlete, or
(2) by “running along” the race
A Ambitious
for the person who pursues the target
What the tour de france means in cycling, the Redbull x-alps means for paragliding pilots. Who doesn´t want to (be able to) take part in it?
R Realistic
It should be feasible in general.
Highly motivated and having 555 days for preparation I truly think it is possible – and only with the help of friends.
T Time-bound
When can the results be achieved?
By the end of Redbull x-alps 2019.

And now just waiting until July 1st 2019?

Not a good idea. I guess the project will fail rather sooner than later.

To avoid that I will break down the main target into a variety of smaller objectives. Then it´s easier to plan, to measure success or failure earlier and to learn faster.

I will prepare for seven different topics:

  1. Paragliding
    XC-Flying, Flying under poor conditions (eg. against the wind), safety training, groundhandling, …
  2. Physical training
    physical strength and good stamina.
  3. Mental training
    Competence of solving problems, mind-set, fears, motivators
  4. Competition
    Take part in smaller competitions, study the exact rules of the x-alps 2019.
  5. Nutrition und Recovery
    Best food, sleeping possibilities
  6. Navigation
    Routes and maps studying, communication
  7. Equipment
    Electronic devices, clothing and shoes – all lightweight please!

And therefore I will have to find many smaller but attractive goals:

  • Unitl the end of the flying season 2018 I will fly fullstalls and wingovers with a heartrate below 120.
  • Looking for a new wing.
  • Mountain running: Climb mountain Rigi / CH (1300 m gain) by running uphill.
  • Finding comfortable shoes.
  • Varied training: 3 different type of activities per week.

If you have any ideas for a good goal, please let me know. 

Xalps in 547 days: the goal

Juhuu, I’ve got a goal:

With the project xalps in 555 days I want to develop my skills to stay in the 2019 edition of redbull x-alps.

What does that mean?

  • The Redbull x-alps are about going from Salzburg to Monaco (or at least as far as you can go until the race is over), only by foot or paragliding. (For more information about the exact route and its turnpoints and rules for 2017 you can read here)
  • Not every athlete is able to stay in the race until the end. Either eliminated or hurt, about one third doesn’t make it until the end. My aim is not to belong to that third. (2017 only 19 athletes out of 32 did it until the end.)
  • Therefore I need a lot of preparation. Physical and mental strength, material, strategies and the competence for XC-flying must be good enough to survive these 8-12 days.

I’m already looking forward to it. 🙂

Xalps in 555 days: the first day

The “world’s toughest adventure race” starts again in 555 days.

And I will prepare for it.

Day by day.

And in this blog I’m writing a bit about it:

  • About the training progress.
  • About strategies.
  • About tools and equipment.
  • About winds and the weather.
  • About mountaineering.
  • About free flying.
  • About long distances. Only by foot or in the air…

„Whatever you can do or dreaming of being able to do it, start with it.“ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

✅Started blogging. Check. 🙂