One week of X-Alps training

Last week we made an intense road trip throughout Switzerland in order to look for the best x-alps training ground.

We that’s me and Albert (yes, there are two of us 😉), a good friend of mine and experienced mountaineering buddy who wants to support me during the x-alps 2019.

The weather wasn’t too good, but that could not stop us from

  • searching new paths to hike up (Even some strategic ones especially around Matterhorn which was a turnpoint in past Redbull x-alps editions,
  • searching routes down in the valley to hike along (especially over mountain passes and the Mattertal),
  • and paragliding (from rainy to stable conditions).
  • But besides from those obviously necessary preparations for a Hike’n’Fly-competition, we studied a lot how to realize and optimize the things and gained experience.
    • Weight is king. Go light to go far AND longer.
      Eating was a major success. I could keep my weight. 😊😊😊 And we were looking for a rich variety, not only pasta and high carb.
      Sleeping was horrible. My air mattress lost air. And I had had no backup. Thunderstorms, humidity and loud neighbors at the camping made me sleep very little.
      But that couldn’t bring us down. The atmosphere was always good, we could discuss things seriously and make good decisions. I’m really lucky to have such a cool mate on my side and I’m proud to be in a team with him.
  • I’m sure we will rock the x-alps. 🤘
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