Review: GIN Lite Rucksack (90 L)

GIN Lite Rucksack – that is a lightweight rucksack with a big volume.

Manufacturer GIN offers it in two versions, with a volume of 80 and 90 liters. But its weight is still a lot less than one kilo.

More info here:

Last summer I used it for a long Hike’n’Fly trip through the alps. It was its last use – It is not the right product for me.

Critique 1: Deformation by Compression

If you use the compression strap for the center, it causes a cut at the center of the back. The construction of the back is not stable anymore. To solve that, you should stuff everything down to the bottom as much as possible. This compression mashes everything more stable.

Critique 2: Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps are only padded slightly. The edges cut into your shoulders on a long day. To solve that, I used my rain poncho to protect my shoulders additionally.


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