– a smart tool for route planning in winter (for Switzerland only)

The day before yesterday I had a entertaining and informative evening in Seon/CH.
Mammut Alpine School invited to their “Workshop Skitourenguru” to Mammut’s Outlet-Store.
Günter Schmudlach, creator and developer, was the speaker and talked about:

  • Planning ski tours in general
  • Practical exercise
  • detailed information about

Overall it was an excellent evening.

What is the value for Hike’n’Fly? is a tool for every Hike and Fly Pilot who’s not hibernating, but also exercises during the winter season.
It combines the information of Lawinenbulletin and topographical maps, which is also useful for winter hiking and snowshoeing.

What can you do to improve
Help by sending the GPS track (or two GPS tracks: one for ascent, one for descent) of your next tour to Günter Schmudlach. See contact here

BIG THANKS to the Mammut Alpine School and Günter Schmudlach!!


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