Xalps in 544 days: ONE goal? MANY goals!

The last blog post was about my goal – the main goal of the project xalps in 555 days.

I took my time and studied a while what exactly my objecitve is and how I would formulate it.

Objectives should be… (SMART criteria).

S Specific
eg: “The world should become a better place.” is not specific. “good” allows differing interpetations.
“…to stay in the 2019 edition of redbull x-alps.
Still any questions?
M Measurable (1) by taking part as an athlete, or
(2) by “running along” the race
A Ambitious
for the person who pursues the target
What the tour de france means in cycling, the Redbull x-alps means for paragliding pilots. Who doesn´t want to (be able to) take part in it?
R Realistic
It should be feasible in general.
Highly motivated and having 555 days for preparation I truly think it is possible – and only with the help of friends.
T Time-bound
When can the results be achieved?
By the end of Redbull x-alps 2019.

And now just waiting until July 1st 2019?

Not a good idea. I guess the project will fail rather sooner than later.

To avoid that I will break down the main target into a variety of smaller objectives. Then it´s easier to plan, to measure success or failure earlier and to learn faster.

I will prepare for seven different topics:

  1. Paragliding
    XC-Flying, Flying under poor conditions (eg. against the wind), safety training, groundhandling, …
  2. Physical training
    physical strength and good stamina.
  3. Mental training
    Competence of solving problems, mind-set, fears, motivators
  4. Competition
    Take part in smaller competitions, study the exact rules of the x-alps 2019.
  5. Nutrition und Recovery
    Best food, sleeping possibilities
  6. Navigation
    Routes and maps studying, communication
  7. Equipment
    Electronic devices, clothing and shoes – all lightweight please!

And therefore I will have to find many smaller but attractive goals:

  • Unitl the end of the flying season 2018 I will fly fullstalls and wingovers with a heartrate below 120.
  • Looking for a new wing.
  • Mountain running: Climb mountain Rigi / CH (1300 m gain) by running uphill.
  • Finding comfortable shoes.
  • Varied training: 3 different type of activities per week.

If you have any ideas for a good goal, please let me know. 


2 thoughts on “Xalps in 544 days: ONE goal? MANY goals!

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